In this workshop, you will practice your negotiation skills. You will learn to interpret verbal and non-verbal messages from your negotiation partners, formulate goals and control negotiation situations. Negotiations are based on communication, different goals and necessary results.

Corporate structures and compliance also provide a framework, which cannot be neglected.


  • The systemic view of the human being
  • Recognize and control behavior
  • Planning, preparing, conducting and documenting negotiations
  • Recognizing and accepting the limits of negotiation room for manoeuvres
  • Conducting discussions in business and other negotiations
  • The right way to deal with resistance and difficult conditions

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Ramona Dubkowitsch

Ramona Dubkowitsch

T: +43 5 (0)454-8186


Online-Kurs oder E-Learning-ProgrammKurs für Rezertifizierung

Unterrichtseinheiten: 48

Teilnahmebetrag: siehe Kurstermine - plus 20 % VAT. Course documents and the respective learning-supporting infrastructure are included in the participation fee. For face-to-face events, this includes on-site catering, for online courses, access to the learning platform and the digital learning documents

Kursvoraussetzungen: none

Kursabschluss: confirmation of participation from TÜV AUSTRIA AKADEMIE GMBH

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