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The certification system SCC represents an international safety standard for contractors (independent subcontractors) that provide technical services. Contractors operate in branch offices of the contracting authority to fulfill technical services such as maintenances, assemblies, crane-, cleaning- and insulation works. Employee hiring business (personnel service providers) may also be certified. Businesses with an integrated SCC/SCP Management System are obliged to provide evidence for their employees and managers participation in SHE-Trainings (Safety-, Health- & Environment Protection) as well as their verification by a neutral and independent inspection agency. These trainings have to be conducted within the company periodically. TÜV AUSTRIA is your reliable partner as training and certification body.


  • Provisions of the law regarding protection of workers
  • Hazard- and Risk assessment
  • Accident cause, Accident control and Accident prevention
  • Safety conscious behavior
  • Operational organization
  • Hazardous substances
  • Work procedures
  • Personal protective equipment
  • Workplace and operation guidelines
  • Emergency procedures
  • Fire and explosion prevention
  • Working materials
  • Electricity and radiation
  • Workplace Design

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Stefanie Lederer

Stefanie Lederer

T: +43 (0)5 0454-8189
E: stefanie.lederer@tuv.at


Online-Kurs oder E-Learning-Programm

Unterrichtseinheiten: 16

Teilnahmebetrag: siehe Kurstermine - excl. 20 % VAT. The participation fee includes course documents, coffee breaks, lunch and seminar drinks as well as the issuance of one certificate (German or English). Upon issuance of both certificates, an additional fee of € 62,- will be charged. Any kind of accommodation costs are not included.

Kursvoraussetzungen: No requirements

Kursabschluss: TÜV AUSTRIA GMBH Certificate

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