Spotlight Albania: An Interview with Adelina Muja

Adelina Muja is Academy Director of TÜV AUSTRIA Albania. Within this interview she talks about possibilities and innovations of her daily business.

Mrs. Muja, could you tell us a little bit about the background of TÜV AUSTRIA Academy in Albania: When was the Academy in Tirana established?
TÜV AUSTRIA Academy in Albania was established in 2014 – the year in which the license from “National License Center” in Tirana, Albania was obtained. The seminars we deliver are Internal Auditor courses with the support of our colleagues locally in Tirana and Lead Auditor trainings with the support of our colleagues from the Academy in Athens and/or other branches depending on the type of training required.

Which training courses are offered in the Albanian training program?
The training courses we offer focus mainly on seminars for Management Systems such as: Quality, Environmental, Occupational Health and Safety, Food Sector, IT Security and Energy.
Apart from the above mentioned trainings, we also offer seminars in Automotive Industry, like Defensive Driving Training, Road Traffic and other industrial trainings: Tower Climbing, Safe Use of Cranes Training etc.

How many training facilities are available at your location?
In Tirana, we have one seminar room. Additionally, depending on the number of participants and the type of training, we select adequate rooms in proximity to our office if we need a larger space. 

Do you offer your courses only in Albania or also in other cities/countries?
We offer courses in Tirana, capital of Albania, where our office is located, and all over Albania’s cities – if required by our customers. Also, our services are offered, when required, in the Republic of Kosovo. 

Can you think of a success story? What was the most positive participant response?
What we have seen is that our services have sparked the interest of the market and our customers who choose to attend our trainings as they enable them to improve their responsibilities within their working environments. During the last months we conducted several online courses. Although our customers generally prefer traditional classroom trainings, we also received positive feedback on our new methods.

How can TÜV AUSTRIA Academy in Albania help people boost their careers and in terms of added value – why should people choose TÜV AUSTRIA in Albania as training organization/partner?
The experience and the preparation of our trainers is highly appreciated, which makes the difference to our competitors. Our trainers provide valuable information during the training programs which enables the participants to become more efficient and effective in their daily work processes. Our main goal is to increase the number of highly efficient professionals as these are considered as an asset for each organization.


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