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Persons Certification

A Certificate is worth more than a thousands words

Labour market dynamics and internationalisation boost the demand for increasingly numerous forms of education and training that are backed by quality-assured certificates. The labour market requires optimally qualified personnel, whose competence and professionalism is corroborated by relevant qualification certificates.

Through the reliable information they impart about companies’ and individuals’ qualifications, know-how and handson experience, person certificates hold great significance for employers, contracting entities and customers.

Investing in having your employees certified by TUV AUSTRIA pays off very soon. Due to the comprehensive, experience-based education and training they receive, they are optimally equipped for the highest professional challenges, while your enterprise benefits from widely acknowledged quality standards. Your competitive advantage:

  • You enhance your career prospects
  • You gain the confidence of your customers
  • You acquire international accreditation for your qualification

Education and training institutions and certification institutions are subject to requirements as defined in the international standard ISO/IEC 17024. Furthermore, person certifications involve precisely defined procedures. In every certification it carries out, TUV AUSTRIA strictly complies with the stringent provisions of this standard. Thus, certificates issued by TUV AUSTRIA enjoy universal recognition. 

The purpose of the examination is to guarantee the required competencies in the concrete certification field. Depending on the desired qualification, one or several of the following partial examinations can be required:

  • Written examination
  • Practical examination
  • Expert discussion
  • Project work
  • Presentation

The concrete examination methods are defined in socalled “Certification Programmes”, which participants receive in the courses or can download from our website, where they are to be found along with the examination dates.

Consistent participation in the chosen course, successful completion of the relevant examination(s) and the fulfilment of other requirements (if any) result in the awarding of the certification sought. Certifications serve to corroborate the actual competence of a given person. Consequently, TUV AUSTRIA only issues certificates with limited validity. 

The validity period extends – depending on the concrete qualification – to between 3 and 5 years. At the end of this period, the extension is subject to certain requirements (confirmation of further education, written examination, proof of practical experience, etc.).
The actual periods of validity, as well as the relevant re-certification methods, are described in the “Certification Programmes”.



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