Apprenticeship Training


The TÜV AUSTRIA Akademie GmbH offers state-of-the-art vocational training directly on site at the OMV plant in Gänserndorf. All skilled worker trainings, apprentice trainings and instructor trainings of all fields take place in authentically equipped laboratory facilities for mechanics, welding, chemistry and electrical engineering to enable training conditions that equal operational practice.

Through apprenticeships and skilled worker training, the TÜV AUSTRIA Akademie GmbH supports companies that are training their staff members in the fields of chemistry, metal engineering, and electrical engineering, as well as training industrial and office clerks.
Young people are important to us: The TÜV AUSTRIA Akademie GmbH operates on a 2,200 m2 facility, boasting state of the art workshops and laboratories as well as seminar rooms and a rectification plant. We employ instructors and trainers that are highly qualified and experienced, both as educators and professionals in their field.

Centre of Competence for Training Services

In 2013 two enterprises of strong reputation have joined to run the TÜV AUSTRIA Akademie GmbH. The OMV Aktiengesellschaft is an international company working in the field of oil and gas. The OMV group is especially concerned with staff training and education and puts emphasis on high level apprentice training. 
In the TÜV AUSTRIA Group, more than 2.000 experts work for their clients in over 20 countries. Our tailor-made solutions embrace industrial services, inspection, monitoring, certification, IT security, insurance services and training.
The TÜV AUSTRIA Akademie GmbH Gänserndorf is operated by the educational center of the TÜV AUSTRIA Group, the TÜV AUSTRIA Akademie.

Professions in the Apprenticeship Training

  • Electrical Engineers
  • Chemical Engineers
  • Process Control Engineers
  • Industrial Clerks
  • Chemical Laboratory Technicians
  • Chemical Process Technicians

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The TÜV AUSTRIA Akademie GmbH in Gänserndorf offers

  • Mechanical shop floor
  • Industrial plant and physical measurement laboratory
  • Electrical laboratories
  • Process control technology lab
  • Wet chemical laboratory
  • Welding area
  • Unique plant for destillation and rectification 
  • a process engineering technology centre,
  • separation technology facilities including a measurement station. 

All facilities are prepared to host trainings, especially in the fields of automation and process control engineering and system and industrial engineering, as well as chemical laboratory technology and chemical process technology.

At the TÜV AUSTRIA Akademie GmbH, young students are well taken care of. We approach our students individually, according to their personal knowledge, and work together with them towards their future career. We offer variety and many additional features like field trips, fitness, interpersonal skills, and additional qualifications like project management or training in safety and security management. In our work, we concentrate equally on supporting and challenging our trainees.

Apprenticeship Training 

  • Vocational training and additional skills for apprentices, especially in the field of chemistry, mechanical engineering, and electrical engineering, as well as training for industrial clerks 

Skilled Worker Training and Redeployment for Skilled Workers

  • Basic skilled worker training (offered internationally) 
  • Redeployment in the fields of chemistry, mechanical engineering and electrical engineering 
  • Specialised skilled worker training 
  • Instructor training 

Oil & Gas Program 

  • Vocational training and advanced training in the field of oil & gas


Christopher Krupitza
Head of Training

P: +43 (0)5 0454-8106

Protteser Straße 40
2230 Gänserndorf


Christian Bayer
General Manager

P: +43 (0)5 0454-8110