Risk Analysis Techniques in Engineering

Systematic methods of risk analysis and assessment

The application of systematic methods of risk analysis and assessment today not only concerns high-risk areas but is required in almost all areas of technology. This established standard work makes the methods of risk analysis and risk management easy to understand and is thus a comprehensive basic work for beginners as well as a practical reference book for daily use. Current and new processes are explained in detail and supported with numerous practical examples of use.

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Layer of Protection Analysis (LOPA) for Risk-Based Evaluation of Scenarios

Application guideline for the analysis of process-based scenarios for risk assessment of technical installations in the process industry.

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SCC Personal Safety Logbook

Issued by TÜV AUSTRIA in collaboration with the SCC Sector Committee Austria

The Personal Safety Logbook is a means for employees of contractors to produce proof of the necessary qualifications e.g. in occupational health and safety, thereby meeting the necessary requirement for employment as contractors.

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