Risk Analysis Techniques in Engineering

Systematic methods of risk analysis and assessment

The application of systematic methods of risk analysis and assessment today not only concerns high-risk areas but is required in almost all areas of technology. This established standard work makes the methods of risk analysis and risk management easy to understand and is thus a comprehensive basic work for beginners as well as a practical reference book for daily use. Current and new processes are explained in detail and supported with numerous practical examples of use.

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Layer of Protection Analysis (LOPA) for Risk-Based Evaluation of Scenarios

Application guideline for the analysis of process-based scenarios for risk assessment of technical installations in the process industry.

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Whitepaper The Plastic Challenge

Roadmap to Bioplastics

The issue of climate change forms part of every day discussion today. Certifiable bioplastics is one of the key measures in waste and resource management. This whitepaper gives insight into the numerous certification marks “OK compost”, “OK biodegradable” and “OK biobased” TÜV AUSTRIA offers as certification body for bioplastics.

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Whitepaper New Approaches for Intelligent Transport Systems Security

Cyber-Security Reference Architecture

Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) are an increasingly important factor for future mobility. The objective of this white paper is to present a reference architecture and provide a modelling methodology for the identification of important ITS elements as a fundamental basis for further security analyses.

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Whitepaper Highly-Automated Driving

The new challenges for Functional Safety and Cyber Security

This White Paper discusses the challenges Highly-Automated Driving poses for human safety and demonstrates what kinds of aspects regarding Functional Safety and Cyber Security have to be considered already during development as per today.

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Whitepaper Trusted Artificial Intelligence

Towards Certification of Machine Learning Applications

Artificial Intelligence is one of the fastest growing technologies and accompanies us in our daily lives when interacting with technical applications. TÜV AUSTRIA in cooperation with the Institute for Machine Learning at the Johannes Kepler University Linz, proposes a certification process and an audit cataloque for Machine Learning applications.

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SCC Personal Safety Logbook

Issued by TÜV AUSTRIA in collaboration with the SCC Sector Committee Austria

The Personal Safety Logbook is a means for employees of contractors to produce proof of the necessary qualifications e.g. in occupational health and safety, thereby meeting the necessary requirement for employment as contractors.

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