TÜV AUSTRIA ITALIA has officially become an AiFOS accredited Training Centre

As of March 2022, TÜV AUSTRIA ITALIA has officially become an AiFOS (Italian Association of Occupational Safety Trainers and Operators) accredited Training Centre for the organization and provision of occupational safety training courses pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 81/08 and subsequent amendments and additions, and in accordance with State-Region agreements.

AiFOS - officially recognized by the Ministry of Economic Development and an ope legis body - represents on national level companies and individual trainers whose purpose is training and whose sector involves the use of machinery and equipment.

In Italy, for the provision of training courses on Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) there is a particularly stringent and complex regulation, which provides a series of constraints, which differ depending on the courses to be provided. For most of the OHS courses, it is essential to be among the subjects authorized by the respective State-Region agreements, otherwise the company can neither organize nor provide such courses. Since TÜV AUSTRIA ITALIA is not accredited at regional level for training activities and is not among the subjects that are legitimated to provide these courses (this depends on the single State-Region agreements), it will not be able to organize OHS courses (and updates)  regarding 81/08 and equipment.

This agreement is therefore a key factor for TÜV AUSTRIA ITALIA to be legitimated to provide OHS - Occupational Health and Safety courses.

The mission of TÜV AUSTRIA Academy in Italy is focused on the enhancement of training for the development of the culture of prevention, health and safety in living and working environments so that it increasingly involves quality, skills and responsibility.

The prevention of safety at work is developed not only through the crucial role of training but especially through the knowledge of those who are the makers: teachers and training centers.



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