NEW! Corrosion in Practice: Online Training Course in English

In order to prevent corrosion, knowledge about different corrosion mechanisms is needed. Join our new online training course in English!

The goal of this training course is to provide you with the basics to understand the different corrosion forms and tools how to prevent corrosion in practice. The course starts with a short but essential section about the theory of corrosion. Afterwards the most frequently encountered corrosion forms are treated by means of real life examples.

The training is held in cooperation with our affiliate METALogic, corrision specialist with deep academic roots, which became part of the TÜV AUSTRIA Group in 2019. The knowledge and expertise of METALogic is a very valuable addition to the Inspection and Asset Management portfolio of TÜV AUSTRIA, while the international network and certain specific techniques of TÜV AUSTRIA enable METALogic to serve its customers even better.

The training course targets people with a technical background in general and engineers (e.g. maintenance and reliability engineers) in particular. However, the program can be followed by anyone with interest in materials or who wants to understand how materials interact with the environment.


  • Introduction to corrosion
  • Corrosion mechanisms: recognition and prevention
    Uniform corrosion
    Pitting corrosion
    Galvanic corrosion
    Crevice corrosion
    Stress-corrosion cracking
    (Corrosion) Fatigue
    Corrosion under insulation (CUI)

Venue:  14.09.2021 | TÜV AUSTRIA Online Campus




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2345 Brunn am Gebirge


What happens to the galvanic corrosion rate if the surface ratio of steel and copper is increased?