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TÜV AUSTRIA TURK ACADEMY is an approved training institution for ISO 14065 - Greenhouse Gases

Read more about the new Personnel Certification for “Verifier” and “Lead Verifier”.

In this training courses the participants get the necessary knowledge and skills to conduct and manage an effective GHG Verification audit in accordance with the requirements of ISO 14066 "Greenhouse gases - Competence requirements for GHG validation teams and validation teams".

There is a need to define, measure and document the competency requirements of validation and verification teams, to ensure consistency in GHG reporting and international market public safety in other communications.

This program has been created to identify, demonstrate and manage the competence of personnel involved in various verification or verification activities in verification bodies.

The verification body's role is to provide teams with the necessary competency to effectively complete the verification or verification process.

The validator certification program includes validation teams and principles for measuring the adequacy of validation teams. These supported policies are general requirements based on the role of validation or validation teams.

Greenhouse gas (GHG) program managers, regulators, verifiers need the validator certification program to benefit their organizations. The verifier certification program measures qualification requirements and defines certification requirements.

Persons with accredited certificates:

1- GHG monitors (in organizations that make greenhouse gas calculations)

2- GHG can work as validation teams or validators (GHG works in validation bodies. Creates and verifies reports in validation teams).


Certificate Program:

 Graduated from Chemistry or Chemical engineering or Mineral Resources or Mining or Mechanical engineering or Electrical engineering or Geology or aeronautical engineering or Environmental engineering or piloting or related engineering departments, or having a bachelor's degree in related positive sciences (departments connected to the Faculty of Science)



To take the following trainings from approved training institutions:

  • Climate change awareness (8 hours)
  • EU-ETS guidelines. (8 hours)
  • ISO 14064-1, -2, -3 standard series (24 hours)

Certificate Program Training Duration: 40 hours (5 days)

Information & Contact: TÜV AUSTRIA Turk | Ms. Ipek Keskin -  ipek.keskin@tuv.at 


P: +43 (0)5 0454-8000
E: academy@tuv.at

2345 Brunn am Gebirge


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