Why to go for E-Learning?

Do you have one training topic for all employees? Fix it with e-learning!

If you want all employees to have the same basic knowledge on important company topics, impart basic knowledge simply and efficiently with e-learning programs.

What are e-learning programs and what can they be used for?

TÜV AUSTRIA e-learning training courses are interactive learning programs that are accessed online from a learning platform. The aim is to provide digital learning content for a large number of people. E-learning can be used for as follows:

  • for providing employee information and recurring instructions, such as fire protection or ergonomics at the workstation
  • for awareness and behavioural trainings, such as information security, social engineering or data protection
  • for basic trainings of all employees, such as quality management or resilience
  • for refresher trainings for restarters on important corporate topics


  • Low-threshold service: You have little or no time expenditure in organising the training.
  • Learning is self-determined: Employees simply learn conveniently online, where and when it suits them best.
  • High learning impact: The diversified program design promotes both motivation and success.

All available e-learning programs. Take a look inside and test the demo!

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E-Learning Organization & Sales

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