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Slip, trip, stumble and fall accidents are amongst the most frequent ones and often involve fatal consequences.
In this experience-driven seminar, we offer you expert legal and technical information on prevention of fall from height accidents.


  • Legal basics – regulations and standards
  • Personal protective equipment – protective effects and product types as selection criteria
  • Protection systems and harnesses, safety ropes, retaining straps, shock absorbers
  • Safety technology, anchorage systems, anchor points
  • Hazards during everyday work activities – security chain, problem of sharp edges
  • Recurring inspection and maintenance
  • Employer obligations, instruction, hazard identification – evaluation
  • User obligations
  • Owner – building management – tenant interface
  • Liability and responsibility
  • Emergencies, accidents, suspension trauma, first aid
  • Practical exercises, instructions of how to use a safety harness
  • Opportunity of training the abseiling process (if desired)
  • Practical problem exercises and solutions

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Presence course

Training units: 8

Course fee: see course details - On request. Please note that this training course is offered as inhouse training.

Requirements: No

Certification: Certificate of participation

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