The successful completion of this training course is one of the necessary requirements, for the recognition of a person as an Auditor / Lead Auditor of an Information Security Management System. The course is aimed at anyone that wants to become a Third Party Auditor for such systems as well at anyone that wishes to understand the process of this specific type of audit as performed by a Third Party Auditor. The course contains the basic principles of audits, the methodology and techniques of a third party audit, the analysis of the requirements of the standard (par 1-8 and Annex A) from an Auditor standpoint and a sample of a Risk assessment methodology. Furthermore, the requirements and constraints imposed by the standard governing Third Party Audits of Information Security Management System’s – ISO 27006 – are presented and analyzed.


  • Information security
  • The importance of information security
  • ISO 27001:2005
  • Reviewing security threats and vulnerabilities
  • Management of security risks
  • Selecting security controls How to build an Information Security Management System (ISMS)
  • ISO 27001 auditing techniques
  • Managing and leading an ISO 27001 audit team
  • Interview techniques
  • Audit reporting
  • Examination to prove competency

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Patrick Mohr

T: +43 (0)5 0454-8163


Training units: 40

Course fee: see course details - On request | Location: Turkey & Greece | Please note that this training course is offered as inhouse training.


Certification: The successful completion of the written and oral exams is followed by the issue of a Certificate for Auditor / Lead Auditor for Information Security Management Systems by TÜV AUSTRIA ACADEMY. For the successful participants, the ability to participate as trainees in actual audits is provided.

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