Diversity management helps overcoming obstacles of daily business in the best way possible. Even more: The right "culture" between old and young, people with different values and needs, let companies achieve added value. This in turn increases not only employee satisfaction within the company, but also impacts the general market positively.

In this training

  • you get to know the added value of precisely applied diversity management.
  • you learn which aspects are relevant for target-oriented diversity management.
  • you gain up-to-date knowledge for your legal and normative security.
  • you develop a concept for your own operational diversity management.


  •  Background, goals, and non-goals of diversity management
  •  Legal basics & normative specifications in overview (ISO 30415)
  •  Technical examples to streamline direct transformation of operational diversity management into practice
  •  Methods of developing an internal diversity management concept

In this training course language is English. You do not need to have excellence English skills, but you need to have fun in practising and strenghtening your negotiation skills in English. 

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Stephanie Rex

Stephanie Rex

T: +43 (0)5 0454-8129
E: stephanie.rex@tuv.at


Unterrichtseinheiten: 24

Teilnahmebetrag: siehe Kurstermine - plus. € 135,- exam and certification fee; plus 20% VAT.

Kursvoraussetzungen: None. Participants of the certification process have to pass regulations according certification program.

Kursabschluss: All participants will receive a confirmation of participation from TÜV AUSTRIA AKADEMIE GMBH at the end of the event. If you pass the certification exam, you will receive the personal certificate Diversity Management Representative TÜV®.

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