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An Interview with İpek Öztürk Keskin - Director of TUV AUSTRIA Turk Academy

İpek Öztürk Keskin is the Director of the TUV AUSTRIA Turk Academy and has been involved in its development from the very start. In this interview, she talks about the opportunities and innovations of her daily work.


Ms. İpek, could you tell us a littel bit about the background of the TÜV AUSTRIA Academy in Turkey: When was the Academy established in Istanbul?

Before TÜV Austria Turk started an Academy in Turkey, training courses were organized by the System Certification department. At that time, there were no more than three courses a year and these were limited to Quality Management Training. In September 2016, we finally established the TÜV AUSTRIA Academy in Turkey and started with two staff members. Only one year later, we were able to hire an additional employee for the Academy business thanks to the increasing demand for training. We now have four staff members and offer on average almost 300 trainings with more than 5,000 satisfied participants per year.


Which training courses are available in the Turkish training program?
We offer training courses in two different forms: classical open/public training and customized in-house seminars with a wide variety of more than 200 different topics. From quality management or soft-skill training courses right through to human resources and management or technical training – there is something for every taste and need. Customers in Turkey mainly prefer quality management, technical engineering courses and especially auditor and lead auditor trainings. I am delighted to say that we now have a very well-established position on the training market in Turkey.


How many training facilities does your location have?
The TÜV AUSTRIA Academy in Turkey runs a training venue in Istanbul, with two rooms for either 15 or 30 participants. This training location has something very special and innovative: Tablets are provided for each participant so they can follow the training documents and presentations electronically. We use tablets instead of printed documents because we believe that one of our biggest priorities is protecting the environment to create a sustainable life for future generations.


Do you offer your courses only in Istanbul or also in other cities/countries?
Most of the courses are offered in Istanbul, but we can also perform training courses in other cities like Izmir, Ankara, Bursa, Konya and even other countries such as Saudi Arabia, Azerbaijan, Ukraine. In cities other than Istanbul or countries other than Turkey, the training courses are held in either hotel facilities or the customer’s own seminar rooms. We also offer e-learning to provide digital training courses nationwide and internationally.


Can you think of a particular success story? What was the most positive participant response?
Well, there are many examples that spring to mind, but the most enjoyable experience goes back to the very beginning of our first trainings: One of our participants went to his resource department with our brochure in his hand and told them how satisfied he was with our training. As a result, the most important insurance company in Turkey is now one of our biggest customers. Experiences like this are a constant motivation for us to improve our service.


How can the TÜV AUSTRIA Academy in Turkey help people boost their careers and why should people choose TÜV AUSTRIA in Turkey as a training organization/ partner in terms of added value?
Our aim is to support people in their personal as well as professional development. Therefore, our trainings are based on international standards and local legislation, and provide guidelines for practical implementation. Together with our technical expertise and international accreditations, we provide added values for sustainable, flexible and workable solutions. Our customers receive multiple services from one source to the high quality standards we set ourselves.






Ms. İpek Öztürk Keskin

Phone: +90 216 537 08 11
Mobile: +90 533 158 22 19








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