Reloaded: E-learning program "Quality Management - What Everyone Needs to Know"

Acquire knowledge online with the e-learning program "Quality Management - What Everyone Needs to Know".

A quality management system focuses on customer orientation and supports you and your employees in meeting customer requirements. Employees will learn what "managing quality" means and what integration into existing company processes is all about. The program is structured in an easily understandable way and offers numerous practical examples and exercises. 

Use it for having a great number of employees trained at the same time - build awareness for the importance of quality management and save costs. 


  • Why quality management?
  • General principles and definitions of quality management
  • What are standards?
  • Principles and requirements of ISO 9001:2015

The e-learning program ist aimed at all employees of those companies that are certified in accordance with ISO 9001 or are planning to get certified. It is webbased and requires a current webbrowser. Users have to pass a final quiz to complete the training program and to receive the confirmation of participation. 

Also available in German.

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