New book: Risk Analysis Techniques in Engineering

The application of systematic methods of risk analysis and assessment today is required in almost all areas of technology. The new book explains in detail how proved risk assessment techniques work.

Assessing risks of technical systems plays a significant role in almost all areas of engineering. Risk assessment prevents damage to property and environment, and even more important, harm to people. Applying the right risk assessment method that best fits a company´s demand is key to complying with growing social, economic and legal constraints.

“Risk Analysis Techniques in Engineering” gives an overview of proved risk assessment techniques and management, explaining in detail how these methods work in practice. This updated volume on risk analysis also incorporates newer methods such as Human Error Analysis and Risk Based Inspection. Throughout this essential book, author Reinhard Preiss supplies readers with numerous invaluable examples of application to help them identify and implement the ideal risk assessment method.

The established standard work makes the methods of risk analysis easy to understand and is, thus, a comprehensive basic work for beginners as well as a practical reference book for daily use. 

Target group

  • Risk Managers
  • Engineers, Technicians
  • Plant Manufacturers
  • Product Managers, Process Managers
  • Environmental Managers, Quality Managers
  • Legal & Compliance Managers

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