Home office: How to be successful

In times like these, many people are facing difficulties in switching to home office mode. Here you go, please find some useful hints.

Home, sweet home. Your own home used to be the perfect place to be, to relax, to be free. Now you find yourself in a completely new situation that has changed overnight. You quickly had to learn how to do your job there as well.   

We would like to provide you with some useful hints how to better cope with this demanding situation. This is just a snapshot – please, look forward to reading more shortly!

1)    Wake up, stand up!
It is just so enticing: Staying in bed with your laptop in the lap, the warm cover wrapped around your legs, your mattress feels soft and cosy. Admit, staying in bed is much more appealing than sitting on your desktop. Still, we recommend: Please, stand up! Create your own home office zone that is reserved for your job only. Split your home in different areas: Have a break on your balcony or living room, sleep in your bed and work at your home desktop. If you take your work to bed, you might sleep restlessly – or might fall into sleep while working.

2)    Like a hamster in a wheel
Discipline is key when working in home offices. Most likely your boss is not looking over your shoulder, but still, the status on your projects is visible. Even if you do your job differently, adhere to the working routine you are used to. Stick to fixed mealtimes and finish work at the same time as usual. Do not forget to shut down your laptop, otherwise you look at all the tasks undone.

3)    The kids challenge
Many families share the same, often too tiny rooms now, twenty-four-seven. Employees, thus, are getting into pretty pickle: How to concentrate on your job while searching for your youngest kid`s  favourite toy? Not to forget about your eldest, turning up the volume to the maximum due to frustration?

Learn how our colleagues deal with it:

  • Go back to normal as good as possible: Work while your kids are doing their homework. In many places, school has been changed to distance learning. If all home members are engaged it is more likely that silence rules. Have lunch together to talk to each other. Take time to fully dedicate yourself to the millions of questions your kids have.
  • Negotiate with them about fixed break times. If you are busy with a skype call you should be able to have enough privacy. Prepare your kids to be quiet ahead of time, to eat or drink or to go to the loo. So you might avoid annoying sleeve plucking later on.
  • Thought about panic buying? If so, we warmly recommend to hoard things to tinker with. Motivate your kids to run small projects they love: What about doing a jigsaw, using plasticine to create Easter bunnies or create Easter decoration?
  • Explore online libraries and get your kids some exciting audio books. This makes it easier for them to wait for their parents to finish work.

Note: This is not the right time to win the medal race in terms of child education. Be happy with the bronze medal. Try to accept the new circumstances of living and adapt to them. And: You do not have to bake muffins always. Give white rolls a chance.
Last, but not least: Go back to the roots! This might be a useful hint for your current job situation as well.

4)    Stay together
Staying at home with your family? Then you should be lucky. A great support when it comes to fight against the invisible enemy that requires loads of depreviations. Spinning thoughts lead to depressions in the long run if you cannot share bad emotions with others. Your beloved ones can help find the balance between the right dose of caution and excessive fear. Probably, your relationship is put to a hard test now, but once passed, you will rise like a phoenix!

5)    Get the moves
Are you a fan of doing no sports, like good old Churchill? You might miss doing a few steps to your car or your favourite restaurant around the corner. Are you a sports maniac? Then you might feel your muscles bumping, yearning for exercise. How to make sure that body, mind and soul are fully balanced? Quite easy: Go out for a walk or go running. Alternatively, dust your home trainer and do your little exercises at home. And do not forget to order a new coat rack via Amazon.
There is also a number of workout apps available. They guide you to do sit-ups and push-ups, for instance.

What counts the most: If you should have a little more time, do not let grass grow under your feet!
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