Happy Birthday, Academy!

“Cheers!” to TÜV AUSTRIA Academy: We are celebrating our 30 years anniversary with lots of historical highlights and with a clear vision.

Let`s do a time wrap and travel back to the 5th of December, 1989, to times with significant upheavals. The Berlin Wall has fallen, the Iron Curtain is open, Cold War is over. George H. W. Bush is president of the US and Richard von Weizsäcker is confirmed in office. Madonna and Roxette rock the Austrian charts – Taylor Swift will be born just mid of December. Arved Fuchs and Reinhold Messner are on their way to the geographic South Pole, the US space probe Voyager 2 has sent its first photos from Neptune. What`s more? In Vienna a new company was founded to conquer the Austrian educational market. The 5th of December 1989 was also the day when TÜV AUSTRIA Academy was born.

At that time, the division training was more like a vague sketch on a table than a clearly formulated business plan, embedded in the group of TÜV AUSTRIA. In 1872, the group was approved as technical inspection body to ensure the highest safety level.

Sooner than later it, the newly founded Academy turned out to be extremely successful. Do you remember the first issue of the course programme? It was a 6-pages folder with a hand full of courses. Let`s time travel to the year of 1998. On the 19th of January, the first course for gas turbine maintenance workers took place. The certified training for safety engineers also started mid of January. The currency the participants had to pay with was good old “Schilling”, registrations were welcome by fax.

In 2002, the first expert conference was developed. It was the year of birth of the TÜV AUSTRIA Lift Conference, a platform for elevator operators, property management companies and manufacturers.The number of attendees who were given the latest information on brand new technologies, standards and liability issues amounted to 150. The claim for standardized safety levels was a burning issue!

In 2004, the first specialist book “Austrian Lift Acts” could be bought from the TÜV AUSTRIA publishing house. It was published in 2004 along with the guidelines for CE marking of medical devices, issued on cd rom (in line with former state-of-art). In the same year, Christina Stürmer stormed the Austrian charts and one of Harvard`s most talented students founded one the most successful companies of the world: Facebook.

TÜV AUSTRIA Academy pitched its tent in spring 2007 in the 23th district of Vienna. The new home was equipped with seminar rooms and the course programme has grown to a 24-pager. Another series of conferences, the Fire Protection Day, the Day for Environment and Waste Management and and the Quality Day became brothers and sisters of the Lift Conference.

And the world is still turning: Steve Jobs launched his iPhone, TÜV AUSTRIA Academy opened a new branch office in Salzburg, followed by Innsbruck, Linz, Graz, Romania and Greece.

It all began with a team of 2, highly motivated to conquer the Austrian educational market. 30 years later, still with the same motivation, TÜV AUSTRIA Academy has grown: Over 70 employees are working in the fields of safety, engineering, environment and quality aimed at meeting the high demand of its customers. We offer 15 expert conferences a year, give about 400 courses (also in-house) train apprentices and engineers, publish 50 books, develop e-learning programs and provide support to our customers, via phone, mail, website and social media. Unbelievable but true, we still receive a few registrations by fax.

Watch out for this year! This year, we again have rolled up our sleeves for you to climb high. Stay stuned for our 200-pages course programme. Regarding he 25th anniversary of the fall of he Berlin Wall, Angela Merkel says: „Dreams can come true.“ Ours have already been come true: We are celebrating 30 years TÜV AUSTRIA Academy together with you, dear customers! You have been with us the last 3 decades. Thanks to you, we have learned that thirst for knowledge does neither know any borders nor any walls.

We are looking forward to another 30 years with you! With a new record of course certificates!



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