The Future of Quality Neu

This study is a cooperation project of TUV AUSTRIA Academy and Zukunftsinstitut Österreich.

New standards for products, processes and companies

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If you want to base your work on a contemporary concept of quality, it is necessary to identify and implement consumers’, operators’, users’ and customers’ changing needs, desires, new requirements and demands, i.e. their “subjective perception”. Because quality does not simply refer to the properties of products or services but also to customer requirements.
“Quality begins by placing customer satisfaction at the centre of our thinking.” This quote by US top manager John F. Akers also serves to describe the approach of this study. The key issue is to understand how consumers define quality and what they expect.

   •   What is quality?
   •   Growth, prosperity, quality of life
   •   Status Q: It’s added value that makes the difference
   •   New standards of quality
   •   Quality and individualisation
   •   Quality and neo-ecology
   •   Quality and trust
   •   Quality and design
   •   Quality and health
   •   The future of quality

Christian Rauch
Studied media and political science and is an expert in economics, consumer behaviour and mobility.

For quality officers, managers, executives, advisors, auditors and certifiers who are responsible for strategic decision-making and introducing, maintaining and upgrading management systems.

The Future of Quality
1st Edition: 2014
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