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NEW! Training as Certified Occupational Safety Manager TÜV®
Competences are like puzzle pieces - only assembled they give a complete picture. This new training course completes the training as a safety officer with occupational safety and health, and combines it with additional management expertise. Participants of this new training courses get an overall picture of the Occupational Safety Manager.


Special Inhouse Training: Cleaning at the highest level
TÜV AUSTRIA personnel and process certification at the cleaning service BLITZBLANK
Hygiene can save lives. Efficient hygiene measures are of the highest priority in healthcare facilities such as hospitals, medical practices, nursing homes and retirement homes. The employed cleaning staff play an important role here. The TÜV AUSTRIA Competence Center Hygiene worked together with the company BLITZBLANK on how to reduce the risk of infection for qualified cleaning staff. In a 4-day certification course, organized by the TÜV AUSTRIA Academy, the cleaning staff were trained according to the developed program. The practical final exam was carried out according to the requirements of the international standard ISO / IEC 17024.


Which cleanliness and hygiene expertise does the Cleaning Specialist need?
A cleaning specialist should have the skills to adequately clean and disinfect surfaces and equipment. The main topics of the training were the personal and special hygiene in the health service, as well as microbiology and introduction to hygiene and infectious diseases, but also communication with colleagues and patients. The program points were supplemented with professional secrecy obligation and first aid measures.
Cleaning staff are subject to numerous laws, guidelines and standards – like for example in Austria- data protection, the Medical Devices Act, health care laws up to workers protection and waste disposal. The relevant regulations have been put together practically for cleaning staff.

Certification of the entire process by TÜV AUSTRIA Cert
In addition to the qualification of the cleaning staff, the processes and procedures of BLITZBLANK were also examined. The hygienically perfect house cleaning and surface disinfection was certified in hospitals and other medical and nursing facilities. The optimization of cleanliness and infection prevention serves both patient and employee protection. The entire cleaning and disinfection process for surfaces and equipment was coordinated in accordance with the statutory and normative guidelines and the current guidelines of the Robert Koch Institute, the Center for Disease in Atlanta and recognized specialist societies.

Sustainable safeguarding of Standards
The long-term and sustainable implementation of the standards is ensured by regular internal audits. The internal audits are carried out by a hygienist once a year and monthly by the object management.

Controlling and Monitoring

In order to ensure the sustainable qualification of employees, a continuing education program is defined. The recertification "Expert in Hygiene for the Cleaning Service in Health Care Facilities" has to be passed every 3 years. The proof of an annual hygiene training of at least 4 hours and a proof of practice about a regular activity as a specialist in the cleaning service are required. The control of the processes is ensured by external audits as part of subsequent assessments.

By bundling the services of TÜV AUSTRIA, it was possible that we support our customers on a successful path into the future.


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