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  • TÜV AUSTRIA HELLAS: Lifelong Education as business development (October 2016)

TÜV AUSTRIA HELLAS successfully organized an event on "Lifelong Education and Training as a business development tool". The added value that it provides to businesses and the modern educational tools and trends were put in the spotlight.


In October 2016 an  interesting event was held by TÜV AUSTRIA HELLAS on "Lifelong Learning". The event was attended by companies’ representatives and Human Resources and Training Departments’ executives. The goal of this event was to highlight the added value that Lifelong Education and Training offers to modern enterprises and its contribution to the creation and utilization of development opportunities for each business and for the Greek economy in general.

The event was honored by the presence of. Mrs. Andrea Ikic-Boehm, Ambassador of Austria, who in her opening speech stressed out that "We aim for mutually beneficial cooperation of Austrian and Greek companies. Ensuring a high level of quality through joint investment in Lifelong Learning is a key factor for the success of this objective”. Moreover the event was also attended by representatives of the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Economic Relations. 

On behalf of TÜV AUSTRIA HELLAS, Mr. Ioannis Kallias, CEO and General Manager, welcoming the attendees noted that "the value of Lifelong Learning an internationally recognized tool needs to be recognized and utilized in Greece in order for the country to return to economic development”, adding that "the recognition of the company as a Centre for Lifelong Learning is a proof of its disposal to invest in this area". Mr. Ioannis Gkotsis, Head of TÜV AUSTRIA ACADEMY in Greece, had the opportunity to present modern methods, trends and tools, the new structure and the updated training program of the ACADEMY. “Education should be viewed by every company as an important investment in human capital" as he noted. In addition, Mr. Christian Bayer, CEO of TÜV AUSTRIA AKADEMIE Austria and Mr. Thomas Rochowansky, Head of Training Division, referred to the international trends and described the educational model successfully followed in Austria.

Remarkable speakers from the academic and business community also participated in the event. Mr. Kyriakos Kyriakopoulos, Deputy Dean of ALBA Graduate Business School, described the Lifelong Learning as an Opportunity for personal development and corporate flexibility while Mr. Harris Constantinides, Permanent Placement & Career Transition of Adecco Director, in his presentation projected the demand of the market for trained and constantly updated staff. Finally Mr. George Georgalas, Human Resources Manager at Aluminium Greece, analyzed how to effectively apply lifelong education opportunities in order to benefit not only employees but also businesses.

It is worth noting that the event was held in collaboration with the "Advantage Austria", the Commercial Department of the Embassy of Austria, responsible for the continued development of relations with companies based in Austria and activity in Greece. 

At the end, TÜV AUSTRIA HELLAS offered guests a "Special Olympics Hellas Support Bag" in a symbolic move sending a message of support to the efforts of athletes to develop physically, mentally, socially and spiritually and to participate in the joy of the sport, a respect for the environment, acceptance and social inclusion.


  • Business Manager in Sofia (June 2013)

They are the all-rounders in business. They have mastered the most important methods of corporate

management, know all about accounting ratios as well as both management and legal requirements. They have even complex projects under control and know what matters in personnel management - Business Managers.

Business Managers bring divisions and people together in a company, they maintain good relationships to external partners, have a great intuition for the requirements of the market and pull the strings to ensure that business goes as well as it possibly can.

The 4th Certified Business Manager training course in Sofia, Bulgaria, ended in  June. In the final module, the participants were brought up to speed by TÜV AUSTRIA experts on the subjects of quality and risk management, and were properly prepared for the challenges of everyday life as a Business Manager.

“Market is war. Your competitor wants to ruin you.”
This provocative statement by the two lecturers in charge of the final module, Thomas Rochowansky MBA, Head of Training at TÜV AUSTRIA Academy, and Martin Kramer, MBA, Risk Manager at TÜV AUSTRIA, served to demonstrate why quality and risk management are indispensable in business and, also, what really matters in this context.

The participants are currently preparing their final papers and studying for the final exam which serves to consolidate once more the knowledge gained over the entire training course.
We are convinced that they will master this task and will soon be the proud owners of a recognised qualification in the form of an international Business Manager certificate.
In this spirit: good luck!

About the training
The Certified Business Manager training in Sofia, Bulgaria, is held in cooperation between TÜV AUSTRIA Academy and HuMan Bulgaria Institute for Humanistic Management. Managers and employees from the fields of technology and industry are prepared by first-rate international lecturers for their jobs in tactical and strategic management.
The training course comprises 5 core modules (3 days each) as well as various additional modules focussing on specialised subjects pertaining to management. Participants who pass the final exam and meet the current criteria for certification will receive the international “Business Manager” certificate from TÜV AUSTRIA CERT GMBH.

  •  Experience Does Matter - how to form the perfect merger (May 2013)

TÜV AUSTRIA AKADEMIE"The wait is finally over as Pakistan business industry has witnessed the recent merger of Moody International (Pvt.) Limited – Pakistan with TUV AUSTRIA HOLDING AG, a company with a remarkable track record since its foundation in 1872", said Rashid Mehr, CEO of a leading certification and inspection company.

Mehr further elaborated its change of name from Moody International (Pvt.) Ltd. to TUV AUSTRIA Bureau of Inspection and Certification (Pvt.) Limited - Pakistan:"Moody International (Pvt.) Ltd., Pakistan began its journey in 1997 with almost no clientele nor brand recognition, yet to grew to become the foremost company and brand in the field of Certification & Inspection and is today ranked as a market leader in our type of industry".

Following the recent decision and agreement with Intertek Moody Group to part ways amicably, Moody International (Pvt.) Limited Pakistan is now an independent company.

As a result of that negotiation between the management of Moody International Pakistan and Intertek Moody Group, the Moody International (Pvt.) Limited Pakistan became 100% independent. TÜV AUSTRIA HOLDING AG subsequently acquired a stake in Moody International (Pvt.) Limited Pakistan. The board of directors approved the change of name to TUV AUSTRIA Bureau of Inspection and Certification with immediate effect.


As they say experience does matter, the parent company TUV AUSTRIA HOLDING AG is an internationally renowned brand, established in 1872 and based in the heart of Europe, Vienna - Austria, one of the world’s most beautiful capitals. "TUV AUSTRIA HOLDING AG provides more than 270 high end technical and engineering services including but not limited to Certification and Inspection Services", stated Dr. Reinhard Preiss, a PhD in mechanical engineering and Head of TÜV AUSTRIA International Business Management, as well as a director of the newly formed company in Pakistan.

"Quality not quantity, with HSE being paramount factor in our business"

Dr. Reinhard Preiss continued: "From our initial experience with them, we can tell you they inhale quality and exhale quality only. Their attitude knows no compromise on quality and rigidly enforces a “zero tolerance” policy towards unethical practices & HSE".

"We are therefore now in a much stronger position together than before, having vastly expanded our service portfolio for our clients," asserts Rashid Mehr, who points out that "the new ideology believes that the sky is the limit with regards to future growth. Their clients shall benefit more in terms of quality, quantity and delivery. After all this new venture brings good news for their existing and new clients".

Rashid Mehr's company has been well-known as the market leader in both certification and inspection businesses in Pakistan, boasting more than 3000 clients and 200 employees across Pakistan. The merger reinforces the fundamental qualities of the company, which is now perfectly positioned to reiterate the same position for many years to come.


Clients shall have access to the existing and wide range of new services following the acquisition. With the assurance of 100 % quality work delivered and a new far-reaching structure, the company guarantees its clientele that, except for the name change to TUV AUSTRIA Bureau Of Inspection & Certification, the entire team shall remain intact and will be the same for many years to come. This change shall not in any way hinder the quality, quantity and delivery of the provided services in any manner being presently, but shall on the contrary bring more energy and commitment to the services rendered.

  •  Official opening of TÜV AUSTRIA ALBANIA! (April 2013)

TÜV AUSTRIA AKADEMIEWithin the vision of strategic expansion of TÜV AUSTRIA GROUP, TÜV AUSTRIA HELLAS organized an event in a central hotel in Tirana, in April 2013 celebrating the official opening of TÜV AUSTRIA ALBANIA. TÜV AUSTRIA ALBANIA launches its activities in new offices in the centre of Tirana and now covers Albania and Kosovo.


Overall, this event was attended by more than 170 Austrian, Greek, Albanian, German, Italian and other international business representatives who operate in the country. The event took place under the auspices of the Greek and Austrian embassy in Tirana and with the kind participation of the respective ambassadors, Mr. Rokanas and Mr. Raunig, who also gave their welcome speeches. Present in the event were also the Foreign Minister and the Deputy Foreign Minister of Albania. The official supporters of the event were: The Austrian Society in Albania (A.S.A.), the Hellenic Business Association of Albania (H.B.A.A.), as well as ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA (commercial department) in Albania.

TÜV AUSTRIA HELLAS / Albania Branch is highly active in the areas of inspection and quality systems’ certification having already certified more than 52 companies in the banking, industrial, I.T. and other sectors. This branch is also conducting technical inspections particularly in the construction industry, as well as it is providing inspections of lifts and lifting machinery. TÜV AUSTRIA ALBANIA has already organized many training programs mainly in the public and private administration thus, having already trained public and private executives and senior officers.

  •  TÜV AUSTRIA Hellas - in the army now! (April 2013)

TÜV AUSTRIA Hellas recently certified the I.T. Support Department of the Hellenic Army General Staff.



After the successful audit, an event took place at the Hellenic Army General Staff premises, so as to award the ISO 27001certificate of conformity for the Information Security Management System. The I.T. Support Department of the Hellenic Army is the first unit in the military force, which is awarded such a certificate and it is one of the 8000 organizations worldwide certified according to the ΙSO 27001 standard.

The certification according to the standard ISO 27001, confirms that the existing infrastructure of the I.T. Support Department of the Hellenic Army General Staff is at such a top level so as to serve the confidentiality, availability and integrity of all information it handles. It is worth mentioning that this certification is the first awarded to an I.T .Support Department of Army in a country of the European countries-members of NATO, which is undoubtedly a great achievement for the Hellenic Army General Staff.

TÜV AUSTRIA Hellas is the first certification body which was accredited by the National Council for Accreditation for conducting inspection and certification of Information Security Management Systems. It occupies highly experienced and certified Greek auditors. It is the top certification body in Information Security Management Systems in Greece, Balkans and the Southeast Mediterranean countries. So far, TÜV AUSTRIA HELLAS has conducted more than 270 audits, according to the standard ISO 27001 and has awarded certificates of conformity to more than 95 companies, institutions and organizations.


  • New course: masters of safety! (March 2013)

TÜV AUSTRIA AKADEMIEThe Safety and Systems Engineering master’s course was developed jointly by FH Campus Wien (University of Applied Sciences) and TÜV AUSTRIA. In four semesters of extra-occupational training, the participants will acquire all the competencies necessary to independently manage safety and risk as part of their jobs. The master’s course is directed at people working as engineers, with a bachelor’s degree or basic engineering training including school leaving certificate and five years of relevant work experience. The course will commence for the first time in February 2014. Graduates will be awarded the academic degree “Master of Science in Safety and Systems Engineering” (MSc).

Since the safety of technical systems is becoming increasingly more challenging, industry requires more and more qualified safety experts. The Safety and Systems Engineering master’s course is the first degree-level training in this field. Course director Hans Tschürtz explains: “The Safety and Systems Engineering master’s course closes a significant gap among European degree-level training programmes. For the first time students receive training that covers both the engineering and the management aspects of the topics of functional safety and systems safety.”
Students benefit from the cooperation with TÜV AUSTRIA Academy
FH Campus Wien and TÜV AUSTRIA Academy have been cooperating in training and further training in the fields of systems safety and functional safety since 2010. The University of Applied Sciences’ competence in research and theory is thus combined with the systems engineering and plant engineering expertise of TÜV AUSTRIA. The graduates get the advantage of being able to take four TÜV AUSTRIA Academy certification exams without having to attend any extra classes. The relevant person certificates according to ISO 17024 comprise the following qualifications: “Safety Specialist ISO 26262”, “Safety Manager”, “Quality Officer” and “Risk Manager”.

Vienna Institute for Safety & Systems Engineering
FH Campus Wien is a pioneer in the field of safety, having established the Vienna Institute for Safety & Systems Engineering (VISSE). The institute is active in the fields of systems safety and functional safety, with a focus on the development of safety-relevant systems.

High demand for safety experts in industry
Reinhard Preiss, Head of International Business Management at the TÜV AUSTRIA Holding AG, emphasizes the high demand for safety experts in industry: “Adroit expert employees are needed to ensure the continuous safety of technical systems. This is why FH Campus Wien and TÜV AUSTRIA Academy are offering degree-level training for the first time in this field in the form of the Safety and Systems Engineering master’s course.”


  •  TÜV AUSTRIA Academy in Hong Kong (March 2013)

On an initiative of the European Commission, the EHEF was held in the Hong Kong Central Library for the 13th time. Even in 2012, 4,800 visitors and 50 exhibitors from 12 different European countries had travelled to Hong Kong – the EHEF has become one of the largest exhibitions of its kind in East Asia. The motto of Austria’s representatives, including TÜV AUSTRIA Academy, was “A+ education, surprisingly ingenious”. For those interested in training and further training, information about the country could be found on the website, according to which the international network of training facilities makes Austria extremely attractive. Very true: TÜV AUSTRIA Academy has put out its feelers all the way to China by founding TÜV AUSTRIA Shanghai, a branch on the Far Eastern market.

TÜV AUSTRIA Academy presented itself and its international English-language training programme in a talk. Courses like “Certified QMS Lead Auditor” and the master in “Safety & Systems Engineering” met with active interest (see further below for information on both courses as a download).

So what were the highlights of the trade fair from TÜV AUSTRIA Academy’s point of view? Mr Thomas Rochowansky: “The high demands the trade fair visitors placed on the quality standard of training and further training were particularly noticeable. As a quality provider, we are happy to meet these demands!”

Since Hong Kong is considered the “gateway to China”, there were many points of contact, especially for Ms Nini Dai from TÜV AUSTRIA Shanghai: “We have gained much valuable information about the special requirements of the market. This will help us to further expand the training segment in China.”

Many talks with representatives of local organisations and companies served to exchange experiences and information. “The training market has become global too, and we are proud to display TÜV AUSTRIA’s expertise everywhere we go”, Christian Bayer, General Manager of the Academy, states.


  •  HELLAS: Inspection of photovoltaic parks

Despite the negative financial climate of the country, TÜV AUSTRIA HELLAS still holds the leading position in the energy market, offering the highest quality


services in the renewable energy sector- especially in initial and periodic inspection of photovoltaic installations according to EN 62446.

Up to now, TÜV AUSTRIA HELLAS has cooperated with 102 companies which undertake the design, procurement and construction of photovoltaic parks and with more than 145 investors. TÜV AUSTRIA HELLAS’ services lead to top quality installations and safety precautions providing trouble free projects and the highest energy/financial performances to the investor.

Up to now, TÜV AUSTRIA HELLAS has been involved in more than 300 projects in photovoltaic installations with a total power of more than 200 MWp.


More Information about TÜV AUSTRIA HELLAS: www.tuvaustriahellas.gr

TÜV AUSTRIA Summer Academy 2019 English Training Programme for Safety and Quality Management, 08-09/2019, campus21/Brunn
New ISO-Standard for Energy management systems published: ISO 50001:2018 We will support you during the adaption to optimize the energy performance in your company. These standard regulations are determined on an international basis and supports businesses by incorporating permanent energy efficiency...
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